RIDE RIGHT is a comprehensive bicycle safety program designed to promote safer riding habits and increase awareness of bicycle safety.

Our program was originally developed to improve the safety of RAGBRAI participants but can be used anywhere to promote bicycle and traffic safety.

The RIDE RIGHT program is built on 10 Pillars of safety, including: The RIGHT Stuff, The RIGHT Gear, The RIGHT Communications, The RIGHT Riding, The Legal RIGHT, The RIGHT Frame of Mind, The RIGHT Abilities, The RIGHT Attitude, The RIGHT Attention, and The RIGHT Condition.

Each community that hosts RAGBRAI has its own RIDE RIGHT committee, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of participants and community members.

We believe that bicycle safety is an ongoing effort that requires year-round attention. That’s why our program focuses on developing a strong safety culture that lasts long after the big ride has ended.

Our message can be adapted to suit a wide range of media, including press releases, social media tips, signs, banners, and more. At RIDE RIGHT, we’re committed to making every ride a safe one.

The following are the 10 Pillars of RIDE RIGHT safety:

  1. The RIGHT stuff
  2. The RIGHT gear
  3. The RIGHT communications
  4. The RIGHT riding
  5. The legal RIGHT
  6. The RIGHT frame of mind
  7. The RIGHT abilities
  8. The RIGHT attitude
  9. The RIGHT attention
  10. The RIGHT condition