Sample RIDE RIGHT Press Releases

Press Release 1: “Community Leaders Encourage Safety Measures During RAGBRAI 2023”

[City], [State] – As RAGBRAI approaches, [City] community leaders are emphasizing the importance of safety measures to prevent accidents and ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. The influx of riders on the city’s roads requires extra caution and attention from residents. Some key safety tips include obeying traffic laws, avoiding distracted driving, and keeping an eye out for cyclists. Community leaders also encourage young people to stay clear of the bicycle route, not to give “high-fives” to riders, and to avoid handing out flyers or any other items to riders as they pass through the city. Additionally, residents are encouraged to be mindful when opening car doors to avoid injuring passing cyclists. By taking these simple precautions, we can all make sure RAGBRAI 2023 is a safe and fun event for everyone involved.

Press Release 2: “RAGBRAI Organizers Collaborate with [City] to Promote Safety Awareness”

[City], [State] – With RAGBRAI 2023 just around the corner, RAGBRAI organizers and [City] officials have been working together to promote safety awareness in the community. The collaboration aims to provide resources for residents to help them understand the importance of safety on the roadways during the event. The initiative includes educational materials on the RIDE RIGHT campaign, which provides helpful tips for drivers and cyclists to ensure their safety while sharing the road. The collaboration is part of a broader effort to make RAGBRAI 2023 a successful and safe event for all participants.

Press Release 3: “Community Unites to Promote Safety During RAGBRAI 2023”

[City], [State] – As RAGBRAI 2023 approaches, the [City] community has come together to promote safety awareness and prevent accidents during the event. To ensure the safety of all participants, community leaders are encouraging residents to follow safety measures, such as obeying traffic laws, keeping a safe distance from cyclists, and avoiding distractions while driving. The community has also launched a “RIDE RIGHT” campaign, which includes educational materials and creative signage to help residents understand the importance of safety on the roadways. By working together, the community is committed to making RAGBRAI 2023 a successful and safe event for everyone involved.