RIDE RIGHT for Bicyclists

Ride Right is a safety program aimed at improving the safety of bicyclists. The program was initially developed to enhance the safety of RAGBRAI participants, but it can be applied anywhere to promote bicycle and traffic safety.

Our goal is to ensure that every rider is safe while enjoying the ride, and we do this by offering safety education programs to riders, youth, and communities. We have developed ten pillars of safety to guide our efforts towards achieving this goal.

The ten pillars of Ride Right safety are:

  1. The RIGHT stuff – Wear the appropriate gear
  2. The RIGHT gear – Use safe and well-maintained equipment
  3. The RIGHT communication – Signal your intentions to other road users
  4. The RIGHT riding – Follow the rules of the road and ride predictably
  5. The legal RIGHT – Be aware of local laws and regulations
  6. The RIGHT frame of mind – Stay focused, alert, and aware
  7. The RIGHT abilities – Practice basic riding skills and improve your ability
  8. The RIGHT attitude – Foster a positive and respectful attitude towards other road users
  9. The RIGHT attention – Stay aware of your surroundings and other road users
  10. The RIGHT condition – Take care of yourself and be aware of your limitations

Each host community on RAGBRAI has a Ride Right committee, which is tasked with helping to ensure the safety of participants and community members. The committee works to promote the Ride Right message, adapt it to different mediums like press releases, social media tips, signs, banners, and much more. Bicycle safety doesn’t end with RAGBRAI and the work of the Ride Right committee can last for years following the big ride.

At Ride Right, we believe that bicycle safety is a shared responsibility, and we encourage all riders, communities, and youth to join us in promoting safe and enjoyable riding experiences for everyone.