RAGBRAI, the renowned cycling event that spans across Iowa, offers a unique and exhilarating experience for riders. However, it’s essential to remember that the roads used during RAGBRAI are not closed to other vehicles. As a participant, you must adhere to the traffic rules and regulations for your own safety. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the importance of following the legal RIGHT on RAGBRAI, ensuring a smooth and secure journey throughout the event.

Following Traffic Laws:
As stated in the Code of Iowa, bicyclists have the same rights and duties as operators of vehicles on the roadways. This means that while you have the privilege to use the roads during RAGBRAI, you must also obey traffic laws. It’s crucial to remember that RAGBRAI does not suspend the rules of the road. Public roads remain open to cars and trucks, and adherence to traffic laws is essential for your safety.

Law Enforcement Presence:
Throughout the RAGBRAI route, you’ll find the Iowa State Patrol and local law enforcement at various intersections. When an officer is present and directing traffic, their signals take precedence over traffic signs or signals. It’s important to follow the instructions given by law enforcement officers to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and enhance safety.

Uncontrolled Intersections and Respectful Riding:
At certain points along the route, you may encounter uncontrolled intersections, especially during right turns and on lower-traffic roads. In the absence of law enforcement, it’s vital to follow the traffic control signs or signals as you would during any other time of the year. This includes coming to a complete stop at stop signs, obeying yield signs, staying within your lane, signaling for turns, refraining from cutting corners, and riding in a respectful manner.

Navigating Congested Areas:
One of the challenges arises when the RAGBRAI route enters towns, where bicycle traffic becomes congested and the flow of movement can be overwhelming. In these situations, it’s crucial to exercise caution, reduce speed, and adhere to traffic rules to ensure the safety of all participants. Remember that many riders are not familiar with the area, so patience and alertness are key.

By embracing the legal RIGHT and adhering to traffic rules, you play a vital role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable RAGBRAI journey for all participants. Remember, public roads remain open to other vehicles, and your compliance with traffic laws can make a significant difference in preventing accidents and maintaining order. Let’s ride responsibly, follow the rules, and collectively create a memorable RAGBRAI experience where everyone reaches their destinations safely.

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