Safety Signs and Messages

One of the most effective ways to promote safe bicycling in your community is by using signs. And not just any signs, but clever and attention-grabbing ones. That’s why we’ve put together a list of Burma Shave-style messages that you can use to spread the RIDE RIGHT message throughout your town.

One fun idea is to get high schoolers involved in making the signs. Provide them with poster boards, markers or paint, and ask them to be creative. This not only promotes bike safety but also encourages community involvement and can inspire young people to take an interest in bicycling.

By putting up these signs along the bike route, you’ll be reminding cyclists and motorists alike to follow the RIDE RIGHT principles, keeping everyone safe and having fun on the road. So, let’s get started on making some eye-catching and humorous signs that will grab people’s attention!

  1. Keep calm and RIDE RIGHT.
  2. Don’t be in a hurry, ride safe, and RIDE RIGHT.
  3. Stay alert, keep your eyes peeled, and RIDE RIGHT.
  4. Don’t be reckless, stay safe, and RIDE RIGHT.
  5. Follow the rules, take it slow, and RIDE RIGHT.
  6. Share the road, stay visible, and RIDE RIGHT.
  7. Keep your distance, stay alert, and RIDE RIGHT.
  8. Keep your hands on the bars, not your phone, and RIDE RIGHT.
  9. Look both ways, stay aware, and RIDE RIGHT.
  10. Safety first, RIDE RIGHT, and have fun!
  11. Don’t be a road hog, share the lane like a boss! #RideRight
  12. Save your spills for ice cream, not the pavement. #RideRight
  13. Don’t be a speed demon, slow down and enjoy the scenery. #RideRight
  14. Leave the stunts to the pros, ride like a regular human being. #RideRight
  15. Two wheels are better than four, but only if you don’t end up on the floor. #RideRight
  16. Look ma, no hands! Just kidding, keep both hands on the handlebars. #RideRight
  17. Don’t be a fool, wear your helmet like it’s cool. #RideRight
  18. Don’t be a diva, signal your turns like a pro. #RideRight
  19. Two’s company, but three’s a crowd. Stick to riding solo or with a buddy, not three abreast. #RideRight
  20. Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul. Keep your soul safe by riding right! #RideRight

Don’t forget to take photos of your RIDE RIGHT signs and share them with us after the event! Submitting photos can help spark more creativity in next year’s communities and showcase the cleverness of your town. We encourage everyone to take part in this fun and important initiative to promote safe cycling practices during RAGBRAI. So, snap some pics and share them with us!